Murder in Madden – a 2017 Writers Digest Award Winner

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A writer risks everything to discover what happened to a forgotten girl killed 10 years ago.

When ECover_Teresa_finalnid Blackwell decides to leave her bank job and return to writing, she thinks the perfect story has landed in her lap. Her husband’s cousin, Rosie, was brutally murdered 10 years ago in Madden, South Carolina, and the killer was never caught. Everyone in the family seemed eager to forget Rosie because of her “bad girl” reputation, but Enid is determined to tell the story of her tragic life. In trying to find answers about Rosie’s life and death, Enid discovers that bringing the truth to light may cost her more than she bargained for. When End realizes Rosie’s killer is now targeting her, she knows the only way to save herself is to bring Rosie’s killer to justice.






Available February 2018

More than a year ago, her friend was murdered, and Enid Blackwell feels responsible. Struggling with emotional turmoil and guilt, Enid Blackwell is determined to make a safe, even if boring, life for herself. She avoids crime reporting and writes a community-interest column for a weekly newspaper. Assigned to write an article about the local soup kitchen, she interviews a man whose daughter Hari simply vanished several months ago. The police are not convinced a crime has been committed and they have no further leads to follow. Distraught and with nowhere else to turn, the father pleads with Enid to help him find Hari. Will Enid stick to the commitment she made to herself or help a father find his missing daughter?

The Last Sale is the second book in the Enid Blackwell series.