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Captivating! Can’t wait to  find out what happens next. The adventure continues with this second book in the series by the outstanding new author Raegan Teller. She developed characters and scenes that captivated my imagination while taking me on a journey through the plot. I look forward to the next book in the series! I can’t wait to find out what will happens next in this sleepy little town.   J. Bennett

Cannot put it down!  Started your book [Murder in Madden] and I’m on chapter 27! You have a gift! Keep up the great work.    A. King, The Silver Pearl Gift Shop, Bishopville, SC

She is an amazing writer! Looking forward to getting the next book.    C. Blanchard

I’m always looking for a new mystery series and am delighted to report that I have discovered an outstanding new mystery series. I. Stern

It doesn’t matter if it is the characters, the place or the mystery, you will get caught in Madden. And you might not be able to leave.  Johnny Bloodworth, author , The Gift

Such a great storyteller! Love her books! J. Amaker 

We read this book for our Book Club and it was very good. It was the first book, we are told, of a trio. Now we have the pleasure of reading all the others.  Time to Consider – Amazon review excerpt

Just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it.   B. Beshers

I finished reading Murder in Madden and enjoyed every page of it.  J.  Mangieri

This is a great book [Murder in Madden] . . . highly recommend it. This would make an excellent gift. C. Bruce


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