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The real Rosie

Rosie is a young girl who was murdered in Madden. Her story was inspired by a real-life murder that happened years ago in Columbia, SC. My husband’s cousin Hope, like Rosie, was a troubled teenager who turned to drugs. She fell in with the wrong crowd and was murdered. Her body was found tossed in the woods and covered with an old mattress.

Hope’s murder was never solved, and it has haunted me for years. I suspect that because of her “bad girl” reputation the police didn’t try too hard. I didn’t know Hope well, but I plan to dedicate this book to her. I don’t want Hope to be forgotten like Rosie.

The protagonist, Enid Blackwell, was also haunted and was determined to find out what happened to Rosie. As I’ve said earlier, Enid is far braver and more determined than I. The book is about her quest for the truth.

Disclaimer: Murder in Madden in fiction. All of the characters are figments of my imagination and are composites of multiple real-life characters I’ve known.

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