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Letting Go

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about letting go. Yes, I know that phrase has become somewhat of a cliché, and I’d like to replace it with something new and catchy … but “letting go” still works.

I have a friend who can’t let go, mentally or physically, of things or the past. She is both blessed and burdened by a lifetime of memories. She holds onto physical things that belonged to dead relatives, because she’s afraid if she discards the item, she’ll lose the memory too.

I’ve also noticed that as she ages, she has become prone to rewriting the past. Mistakes and bad judgments have now been rewritten as happier memories. I suppose that’s easier than admitting you have made bad choices. Perhaps I will do the same one day.

In Murder in Madden, Enid has made some choices that may, or may not, be bad ones. She may live to regret those decisions. Or not. As Enid’s creator, it has been painful to let her make choices I feel are bad ones. But, just as I’ve had to let go myself and allow my friend to choose her own path, I’ve had to do the same with Enid.

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