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The Next Chapter

As I reach the end of the process for this first novel, I know I will miss spending time with my characters, especially Enid. Being a restless soul, much like Enid, I am ready for change. I toyed with the idea of the second novel being a totally new story—new characters and a new setting. But while the idea of change is enticing, in reality, I’m much like my cats. I like familiarity and the comfort of knowing the people I hang out with, even if they are only in my imagination.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for doing a sequel to Murder in Madden, rather than a totally new novel, is that the story isn’t complete. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging without a resolution to the story, but Enid’s story won’t end on the last page. She’s too complex to capture fully in one novel. In fact, she’s been talking a lot to me lately about the next chapter in her life, and I keep telling her to be patient—let me finish this one before you bug me about the next one. But, like me, she’s not very patient, so I need to wrap this one up and listen to what she has to say.

Stay tuned.

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