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Murder in Madden Wins Award!

I always seem to be apologizing for not posting more frequently. So, here I am again, apologizing. Let me bring you up to date on a couple of things.

I finished the manuscript for the second book in the Enid Blackwell series, The Last Sale, in September. Like Murder in Madden, this book was inspired by a real-life event—the disappearance of a young woman in Columbia, South Carolina. Ironically, the week that I finished the manuscript was the 25th anniversary of her disappearance. However, out of respect and privacy for the real family, I won’t mention her name specifically here or in the author’s notes in the book. People familiar with the real-life cold case will recognize it immediately. Let me be clear, however, that The Last Sale is purely fiction and only “inspired” by the actual case.

Excited as I was to finish the second book’s manuscript, a few weeks later I learned that Murder in Madden was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards contest. There were approximately 2400 entries, so I was very excited and honored to have placed.
Bolstered by my award, I then entered Murder in Madden in the Book Pipeline contest. Winners will be announced early 2018. Who knows, maybe my first book will be made into a movie. Stay tuned!

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  1. Nancy Nancy

    Good read. Bought the book Tuesday, finished on Sunday. Enjoyed the characters, the flow, and the intregue.

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