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Enid Blackwell Mystery Series

TIME TO PREY (August 2021). No news reporter wants to become the headline. But when Enid Blackwell is targeted by a deranged stalker intent on thrusting her into the limelight, she becomes the breaking news. When her tormentor targets others close to her, she begins her own investigation to learn the truth behind this elusive madman’s game.

THE FIFTH STONE. In the fourth volume of this award-winning mystery series, the beloved historian of Madden, South Carolina, fails to return from a trip and her friends suspect foul play. They call on Enid Blackwell, a small-town newspaper reporter, to help look for the missing woman. Determined to find out what happened, Enid uncovers a sinister plot that puts herself and others in grave danger.

“This was a very satisfying mystery and overall good story. I enjoyed the character of Enid. She just doesn’t give up in pursuit of a story and the truth.” Judge, 28th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards Watch the brief trailer on YouTube here.

SECRETS NEVER TOLD. In the third volume of the Enid Blackwell series, the small-town newspaper reporter investigates a grisly discovery at the Glitter Lake Inn. As Enid pushes to expose the truth, a high-profile murder stuns the community. When the killer threatens to strike again, Enid digs deeper to uncover secrets never told. 

Secrets Never Told is the second book in the series to receive Honorable Mention by Writers Digest. “Because this author is such a good storyteller, Secrets Never Told, could be twice as long as still feel fast-paced.” Judge 27th Annual Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

THE LAST SALE. “Please help me find my daughter.” In the second volume of the Enid Blackwell series, Enid is pulled into a father’s search for the missing girl. “Great job combining characters and plot . . . tightly knit. I had trouble imagining one without the other.” Judge 26th Annual Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

MURDER IN MADDEN. In the award-winning first volume of the series, Enid Blackwell travels to a small town in South Carolina to research the unsolved murder of a 17-year-old girl, killed ten years ago.. “The story was engaging and had a few twists I did not expect, which were wonderfully done.” Judge 25th Annual Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

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