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Fishy Business

Anthology of Short Mysteries

I am honored that my short story, “The Great Negotiator,” was included in Sisters in Crime’s Guppy anthology, Fishy Business.

Available wherever books are sold, including Amazon.

Introduction, by Debra H. Goldstein
The Wannabe, by Lida Bushloper
Nova, Capers, and a Schmear of Cream Cheese, by Debra H. Goldstein
Windfall, by Rita A. Popp
Who Stole My Lunch?, by Kate Fellowes
Nine Lives of Husbands and Wives, by Chelle Martin The Lost Mine of Don Fernando, by Anna Castle
Scrabble-Rousers, by K.M. Rockwood
The Retirement Plan, by Mary Fern Ross
Room and Board, by Vinnie Hansen
Payout Payback, by Susan Bickford
My Night with the Duke of Edinburgh, by Susan Daly
The A-List, by C.C. Guthrie
The Great Negotiator, by Raegan Teller
For Want of a Grade, by T.Y. Euliano
Exit Interview, by Beth Green
The Dark Underground, by Steve Shrott
The Trouble with Trouble, by Lesley Mang
It Tastes Like Cardboard, by Joan Leotta
The Hollerith Effect, by Andrew MacRae
The Fork, the Spoon, and the Knife, by T.G. Wolff
The Funeral Home Heist, by MaryAlice Meli
Power of Attorney, by James M. Jackson