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The Enid Blackwell Series

SECRETS NEVER TOLD. In the third volume of the Enid Blackwell series, the small-town newspaper reporter investigates a grisly discovery at the Glitter Lake Inn. As Enid pushes to expose the truth, a high-profile murder stuns the community. When the killer threatens to strike again, Enid digs deeper to uncover secrets never told.  Available 2/27/19!

THE LAST SALE. “Please help me find my daughter.” In the second volume of the Enid Blackwell series, Enid is pulled into a father’s search for the missing girl. “Great job combining the characters and plot . . . tightly knit.”  –Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, 2018.

MURDER IN MADDEN. In the award-winning first volume of the series, Enid Blackwell travels to a small town in South Carolina to research the unsolved murder of a 17-year-old girl, killed ten years ago. “One of the best books I’ve read this year.” –Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards 2017.

Print and digital versions are available wherever books are sold, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. NOTE: Secrets Never Told  e-book will be available exclusively at .